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Is Natural Allergy Relief & Metabolic, Nutritional Therapies
Natural Allergy Relief & Metabolic, Nutritional Therapies are Life-changing!
  • What are Chiropractic functional therapies?
  • Is Metabolic, Nutritional Therapies right for you?
  • What The Procedures are in the clinic?
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Dr. Cindy Zafis, DC, DACACD

Why Choose Natural Allergy Relief & Metabolic, Nutritional Balancing

Are you looking for a non-pharmaceutical approach to your health issues? Are you able to figure out the solutions to your health issues? Our clinic has been helping thousands of people for the last 25 years in Sonoma County.  
We offer several types of therapies. 1. We do functional chiropractic therapies that allow the clinic to test for the body's biology and then find the specific nutritional supplement or other solution to support the body.  
This testing has been invaluable for working with anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, and many other health symptoms. 
2. We offer a specific acupressure (no needles) therapy that helps calm the nervous system down in relation to a food, pollen, pet, chemical, or any other substance that you may react to.  
We use a combination of therapies that have helped many patients with congestion, breathing issues, skin reactions, chemical sensitivities, and other symptoms. 

Common Conditions 
We Treat Naturally & Effectively


The clinic has worked with many patients successfully with fatigue, especially post menopausal women. 

Brain Fog & Low Motivation

The clinic does detailed testing of the nervous system and also helps balance the stress organs.


Dr. Zafis, DC has a diplomate in Addiction therapies & can go into detail with nervous system testing & balancing.

Hot Flashes

Checking for chemicals in the environment & the foods can be a missing link for this symptom.

Headaches & Migraines

We work with the muscles and joints in the neck and also look at food sensitivities for resolving these issues. 

Our Customer Reviews

Chiropractic Functional Therapy
"I have been working with Dr. Zafis for 5 years or so. She has helped me totally eliminate food allergies and treats me for environmental allergies as the climate shifts. In addition, she has helped with many mild viruses and bacterial infections as well as detoxification. She is like a magician, being able to discern subtleties in the body."
Natural Allergy Relief & Insomnia
“Initially I started to see Dr. Cindy to relieve allergies and insomnia. My allergies are now gone and every time allergy season roles around I’m thankful all over again.”

Focus with Targeted Nutrition
"I've used these vitamins for over a year and I think they work great.  They help me think better and faster at work.  I work in a fast paced and high stress profession and they help me prioritize my work and think clearer."
Sleep & Calmness with Targeted Nutrition
“I have used this product for 2 months now. 
  I would say that within three days I was                           sleeping through the night.  Before I would                   wake up 3 & 4 times per night for                                       apparently no reason.  Plus I was evacuated                   due to wildfires at the end of October. 
                 I am not as anxious as I was.  I am much                         calmer than I was.

Frequently Asked Questions

What symptoms do chiropractors support with nutritional therapy?
The clinic does detailed testing of the biology of the body in order to find the chemical imbalance in the body.  We then look at the exact nutritional formula that rebalances the body.  This therapy is very good for addressing fatigue, digestive issues, chemical sensitivities, migraines, nervous system issues of anxiety and brain fog, and many other symptoms.
What symptoms does this clinic support with allergy relief therapies?
We offer a specific acupressure (no needles) therapy that helps calm the nervous system in relation to a food, pollen, pet, chemical, or any other substance that you may react to.  We have worked with many patients for over 25 years that react to foods, pollens, and chemicals.  Congestion, breathing issues, sinus issues, and skin reactions are symptoms that we work with in the clinic. 
Are these therapies safe?
These are all non-pharmaceutical approaches to balancing and supporting the body.  Manual therapies and nutritional therapies are used in the office, which have a very low risk of injury or side-effects. 
Is chiropractic functional therapies appropriate for children?
The clinic has worked with many children through out the years with great success.  The therapies are very gentle and work well with children. 
Do insurance plans cover chiropractic functional therapies?
The natural allergy relief and nutritional therapies are unfortunately not covered by insurance.  Only chiropractic treatments that address pain in the back or muscles can be billed by the clinic.  Because the focus of the clinic is allergy relief, metabolic balancing, and women's health, we are not members of any insurance companies. 
What type of education and training do chiropractors have?
Chiropractic school is equal to 5 years of school and chiropractors are a primary health provider.  This means that you may go to a chiropractor first without a referral from a medical doctor.  Dr. Zafis, DC also has a Diplomate in Addiction Therapies & Compulsive Disorders to help work with dependency issues, anxiety, and other nervous system issues.  
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